Intermittent Fasting For Beginners

Grab your notebook, you’re about to be given a lot of information. Here is a different idea around eating in a way that has been very successful for me. Hopefully this will give you some input on how your can start IF in your life.

5 Minute Rounds For Fat Loss

Inside of our gym, we like to cycle through different fat loss programs. Mixing things up stop us from getting bored, and give your muscles the opportunity to rest. Try this 5 minute round that we do.

The BEST Ab Exercise You’re Not Doing

Deadbugs look easy, but they’re extremely hard. Anytime you use your abs as a stationary device in your workouts, it is firing off and activating your abs more so than a crunch. Thus, the dead bug.

Why Fitness Classes SUCK.

It may be an unpopular opinion, but it’s true! Fitness classes suck, they’re not the best use of your time in the gym. Here’s why:      

21 Random things about Me

Helloooooo der my friend…hope everything is good with you.  It’s Dan here and I thought I would inject some personality into ole this bloggity blog. I remember everyone was doing this on Facebook a long time ago and it was quite popular…I actually did a blog about this a loooonnng time ago and it got …

41 Ways To Live A Lean Body Lifestyle

Hey there…hope you are doing awesome and doing what it takes to get into incredible shape ????  The warm weather is just around the corner so that means we are gonna be wearing less clothes and showing more of our body in the next couple of months.  So we can agree that now is the …